Post-A-Smile Campaign (Week of April 7-11, 2014)


Post-A-Smile Campaign is almost here! Post-A-Smile is a GHGH campaign to increase self-esteem in girls, combat bullying and thereby decrease rates of suicide.

Want to be a part of the positive change? Join us! Contact us so that we can support you and Post-A-Smile at your school!

How does it work?

With your friends and/or club members write anonymous positive messages on sticky-notes and post them at your school campus in designated areas. Take pictures and tag #ghghmonterey. Your team can win a prize for most creative postings!

 When is the campaign?

The campaign is the week of April 7th – April 11th, 2014. 

Where is it happening?

Schools across Monterey County.

Teams are being formed at the following schools:

Alisal High School

Everett Alvarez High School

Greenfield High School

King City High

Marina High School

Pacific Grove High School

Salinas High School

Seaside High School, Seaside Middle School

Soledad High School

North Monterey County High School

How to get involved?

Girls across the county have already started organizing teams, join a team to be part of the crew that plans Post-A-Smile at your school!

Contact us so that we can put you in touch with other girls at your school and support you if you want to start a team at a new school!

With only three steps, it’s easy to be a part of the campaign!

Post-A-Smile Campaign Steps:

  1. Form a good team Get at least 2 others to join you in posting sticky notes in the designated spaces, getting the word out and daily clean-up. Participate with your club/program and tell you leader so they can get you materials. As a team decide if you want to participate for a day or the whole week!
  2. Find a school Ally This could be your coach, your favorite teacher, you ASB representative, or your vice/principal. Ask if they will give you permission and support your team by a) letting you use their classroom, locker room or other public space as a ‘designated space’ b) help to monitor the messages that are posted so that they remain appropriate & stay true to the campaign’s mission
  3. Create designated spaces on your campus Having a designated space/spaces such as a teacher’s classroom or the locker rooms as the area where you will be posting sticky notes is important.  This will help create a powerful image, imagine if a whole wall was covered with positive messages! It will also help your school want to participate since any messes will be contained & cleaned up by you/your team and can be monitored by teachers and allies.

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