Girls Leadership Network Meeting: XTRA Preparation for Post-A-Smile Campaign!

postsWe are adding an extra Girls’ Leadership Network Meeting this month! Why? Because we want to be ultra prepared for an awesome and successful Post-A-Smile Campaign. Join us to fill out flyers, sticky-notes and color in banners to post at your school!

GLN meetings are every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month the Girls’ Leadership Network get together to discuss and strategize for community change.

The Girls’ Leadership Network (GLN) is made-up of girl representatives from the collaborating organizations. In addition to planning and implementing community action, the GLN is also tasked with representing their clubs and site locations and helpingto plan the annual GHGH SummiwVxAdjuJ5FQSn3jjPOBEL6oA3SHOVSbaUh7Jz-6HriYt.


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