Gender, Depression and Social Change: A talk by renowned Dr.Benvenuti

gender and mental healthEducator in Residence Dr. Anne Benvenuti is back for a series of talks and workshops this week at Hartnell College. This thursday, March 12, 2015, she is presenting a one-hour public lecture from 6-7pm at 411 Central Avenue, Building K-125, Salinas, CA.

The talk is free and will be streamed live.

The topic of the presentation is Gender, Depression and Social Change.  Depression is currently the third-ranked non-communicable disease, according to the World Health Organization. Although there are many differences in how depression manifests and is treated around the world, gendered patterns of coping and depression are broadly similar across most cultures, and therefore provide an excellent opportunity for intervention.

Dr.Benvenuti is a teacher of psychology and has been a member of the United Nations NGO Committee for Mental Health and Education for six years. Dr. Benvenuti will draw on her experience from 24 years as a psychology and philosophy professor at Cerro Coso Community College; she was nominated for a Pulitzer in nonfiction in 2014, she is a poet and author of Spirit Unleashed: Re-imagining Human-Animal Relations. 

Students, employees, and the community are invited to participate in this opportunity brought forth by the Professional Development Committee at Hartnell College.

Contact Esmeralda Montenegro Owen, Director of Communications (831) 755-6810, or (831)206-9422 [email protected]

To register for the webinar, go to:

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