How we do what we do

Girls’ Health in Girls’ Hand (GHGH) is a collaborative girl-led movement for health empowerment in Monterey County

alone we can do so little together

Why do we collaborate?

It was clear after GHGH’s 2009 Action Research that girls in Monterey County were not accessing the health resources, leadership and advocacy skills training needed for them to group empowered to make health choices and positive changes in their community.

Big problem= big solution.

By engaging with a variety of community agencies already serving girls and finding efficient and effective ways of working on the same problem together, GHGH partners aim to move the needle on health and leadership outcomes for girls in Monterey County in the long term.

Who are our collaborative partners?

Our partner agencies, Boys & Girls Club of Monterey County and Planned Parenthood Mar Monte provide evidence-based health education, leadership and advocacy programming to girls 11-18 throughout.

How does GHGH collaborate?

Collaboration is not just what we do (i.e. provide health education and resources and  leadership and advocacy training for girls 11-18) but how we do it.

Because we believe that…

  • Girls are competent and capable of knowing what information, support, and services they need to be healthy
  • Girls need accurate information and affordable access to support and services in order to have healthy, well balanced lives
  • Girls are capable of supporting decision makers in creating informed and effective policy

We have created a working structure to support these core beliefs. Our decision making structure is three-fold, including the following important collaborative members of partner agencies:

  • The Girls’ Leadership Network (GLN): Selected youth representatives from partner agency programs participating in a year-long or multi-year leadership and advocacy training with GHGH. GLN representatives learn advocate for health resources, inform and decide GHGH’s action-plans for advocacy efforts at the county level, act as representatives for participants in their agency programs and their schools at large and plan GHGH community actions, events and activities. 
  • The Practitioners’ Learning Network (PLN): Youth development practitioners who implement health, leadership and advocacy programs of the partner agencies. In addition to implementing programming, PLN members act as liaisons for youth and GLN members between decision makers and support GHGH advocacy and action campaigns. PLN members also provide educational services to agency partners and support each other in a strong cohort of dedicated professionals. Additionally, GHGH consistently provides capacity building training partner agency program staff focused on youth development best practices and topic-based resources, like how to foster self-esteem and resiliency in programming, 
  • The Executive Hub (Hub): Executive decision-makers from each partner agency tasked with strengthening the collaborative, strategic planning and ensuring the sustainability of the project. Hub members oversee GHGH’s work together, support the GLN advocacy efforts, help set guidelines for collaboration and oversee the evaluation process to measure GHGH’s impact. 


GHGH is a collaborative program of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County created by the Women’s Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County.

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