20151031_121304The Girls’ Leadership Network (GLN): 

Selected youth representatives from partner agency programs participating in a year-long or multi-year leadership and advocacy training with GHGH. GLN representatives learn to advocate for health resources, inform and decide GHGH’s action-plans for advocacy efforts at the county level, act as representatives for participants in their agency programs and their schools at large and plan GHGH community actions, events and activities.


Collaborative HUB

Members of the HUB bring years of experience and passion from their participating organizations to plan and support the strategic direction of GHGH. The Collaborative HUB is made of key strategic decision makers from each of the collaborating agency programs who are responsible for helping ensure the sustainability of the collaborative and supporting the direction of the programming. 


Practitioners’ Learning Network

The Practioners’ Learning Network (PLN) is made up of educator/practitioners of the participating organizations. The PLN members contribute invaluable knowledge and capacity to help build and support the GHGH movement for health empowerment. The PLN educators implement education, training and programming with over 600 youth in the county and collaborate with each other to build capacity and youth development knowledge and principles in their programs.



Kayla Crocker

Program Coordinator, Girls’ Health in Girls’ Hands.

Kayla supports the Girls’ Leadership Network, the Collaborative HUB and the Practitioner’s Learning Network through the assistance with the planning, promotion, production, delivery, evaluation and reporting of diverse GHGH activities throughout Monterey County.  Kayla also coordinates and facilitates the Girls’ Leadership Network.

Contact Kayla at [email protected]


Marlene Trotter-Murray

Senior Impact Director Seaside, Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County.

Marlene is the primary contact from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County for the Girls’ Health in Girls’ Hands initiative, working closely with Erika to ensure success.

Contact Marlene at [email protected]


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