How we started

GHGH began in 2009 as a girl-led action research project to identify health information, support and services needed by pre-teen and teen girls in Monterey County. Created by the Women’s Fund of  the Community Foundation for Monterey County, GHGH has since the beginning aimed at amplifying girl’s voices in shaping their future and an agenda for change.

The initial girl-led action research project was designed and led by 57 girls in five teams from throughout the county with input from more than 1,200 girls through surveys, interviews and focus groups. Findings informed the Girls’ Health Action Plan 2009, which sets out insightful and far-reaching recommendations for needed information, services and policy change. The girls’ recommendations were widely disseminated to key stakeholders and policymakers and results were published in the 2011 ‘‘The Lives of Women and Girls in Monterey County.’’

GHGH Multi-agency Collaboration Launched Spring 2012

With initial support and assistance from the Women’s Fund, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the Claire Giannini Fund, the Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation, the Monterey Peninsula Foundation, Nancy Buck Ransom Foundation, and many other community partners, a multi-agency collaborative was formed early in 2012 to work together to actualize the girls’ vision set out in their 2009 Action-Research Project.

The GHGH collaborative is comprised of six organizations that are delivering high-quality girl programing. They are partnering together to share resources and bolster programs for greater impact. Each partner agency has enhanced their girl programming to include health education, leadership training, leadership activities and advocacy.

Transition to the County of Monterey Health Department

As planned from the beginning of the initiative, GHGH moved from its home at the Community Foundation to the County of Monterey Health Department in 2016. This transition allows GHGH to continue its good work with girls county-wide and maintain the strong collaborative ties to each of the partner agencies.

Transition to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County

Girls’ Health in Girls’ Hands transitioned to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County in January 2017 allowing for GHGH to continue to build and maintain strong collaborative ties to the partner agencies.

Collaborative Highlights

  • 6-agency collaborative
  • More than 500 girls participating in partner agency leadership programs
  • 20 sites enhancing girl programming across the county
  • Countywide GHGH summits bring girls together for advocacy, capacity building and collaboration
  • Integrated evaluation with Monterey County Health Department measures changes in girls and partner organizations
  • More than 1 million dollars invested
  • Vision
  • Structure
  • Partner agencies

GHGH is an initiative created by the Women’s Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County. It is a collaborative program of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County in partnership with the Monterey County Health Department, Girls Inc. of the Central Coast, Monterey County Rape Crisis Center, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte and the YWCA Monterey County. 

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