What does the future hold for GHGH?

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In our GHGH leadership programs, goal-setting is part of the drill.

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GHGH Youth leaders, educators and executives get together for the 2016 Strategic Planning Retreat in Monterey, Feb. 2016

In fact, best practices show that setting goals, sets you up for success. That is why GHGH has decided to go through its own goal-setting process, which in the organization world is called a “strategic planning” process and basically it means,

Figure out what is most important to you, figure out a way to make it happen, set mini-goals (or “benchmarks”) to make sure you are on track and, as always, make sure you make time to celebrate your wins! 

We are starting a strategic planning process to help us set goals for the next three years of GHGH action, education and youth leadership. Because GHGH is made up of 600 girls countywide, 16 youth leaders representing those girls, 14 educators guiding those youth, and 6 organizations supporting the work…we are going to take a few months to figure out our goals. Plus we are doing it our way! Youth leaders, educators and their agencies are deeply involved in this process and has been providing direction, feedback, guidance and passion to our strategic planning team (which, yes, includes youth, educators and executives from partner agencies).

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Youth leaders from Salinas and Soledad show us some of their strengths at the GHGH Strategic Planning Retreat, Feb. 2016

Just in case you were wondering, VERY FEW youth organizations involve their youth in the decision-making process of long-term goals. However, GHGH is committed to our core values, which include, “remaining true to girl voices and working to uplift those voices.” This goal-setting process gives us a perfect opportunity to walk our talk.

We look forward to unveiling a roadmap this summer of what is coming for the GHGH movement in the next few years! Stay tuned.

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