Monterey County girls want more non-academic counselors

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Claudia Meléndez Salinas, from the Monterey Herald reported on our work to increase non-academic counselor services at schools 12/3/2015

SALINAS >> The rumors that began spreading around Salma Arredondo turned so vicious that soon they became bullying. It all had to do with the crowd she was hanging out with, she said. The atmosphere around her turned so unbearable that she became depressed — and it eventually affected her school performance.

“Hanging out with the wrong crowd has an effect on you: It makes you who you are and it shows on your grades,” said Arredondo, now a senior at North Monterey County High School. Your peers “may be doing something else and not focusing on school and you’ll be on that bandwagon and follow along with them. It gets tough.”

To see the full article go to the Monterey County Herald


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