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Girls leading an activity with peers

Girls leading an activity with peers

Sometimes its hard to tell what impact your actions can have on yourself, on those around you, and in your community. Impact means changes caused by different events, education or relationships you are a part of and in which you participate.

Girls’ Health in Girls’ Hands truly believes in the importance of measuring impact, to learn from what changes are happening around us and inside of us and how we can affect that change!

In order to measure impact we sometimes take surveys or conduct interviews. GHGH does this annually with over 600 girls across the county, with educators of each program involved with GHGH, and even with the executives at each organization…and the results are impressive!

Did you know that girls who participated in GHGH programs showed a significant increase knowledge of,

  • The importance of exercise
  • Health resources and services
  • Identifying bullying, teasing, and gossiping behaviors
  • Girl leadership
  • Personal feelings
  • Health topics of personal importance
  • Reproductive health & methods of birth control

The GHGH mission to have Monterey County girls have better access to health information, support and services, and to become advocates for their own health needs, is clearly being met! Want to know all the facts? Check out the full GHGH Year End Report.

A special thanks to the evaluator team at Monterey County Health Department for their hard work on this report, to the individuals (especially the youth) who participated in the surveys, and to the educator of GHGH partner programs for their tireless hard work which is clearly paying off! We are looking forward to another impactful year!

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