Thank You to the Women’s Fund of Monterey County

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Girls Leadership Network’s Leaders Thank The Women’s Fund

The Women’s Fund of Monterey County is dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls in Monterey County.  At this years Tenth Annual Women’s Fund Luncheon, three GLN leaders including Naudia Velarde, Destynee Gray, and Olivia Johnson spoke about how much the Women’s Fund program, Girls’ Health in Girls’ Hands, has meant to them.


Naudia Velarde enjoyed a massive applause after she mentioned that she will be attending UCSB this fall. Naudia told the crowd not to worry, she will take everything she has learned at GHGH with her, and she looks forward to watching GHGH continue to progress in Monterey County.

GLN leader Naudia Velarde shared, “Girls’ Health in Girls’ Hands has helped me realize that as a woman, as a human being, my feelings and my health matter.  GHGH has taught me that my feelings and my voice have substance.  I realized this when I went to the Board of Supervisors to ask them to prioritize social and emotional health.  Adults were listening to us and about what was important to youth in Monterey County.  Projects like GHGH are both necessary and refreshing because they all youth to become united. And if you would like to partake in this project, empowering youth, I ask that you consider integrating youth voices into your work.  This would create a world where girls become strong women and the possibilities are infinite.”

Destynee Gray shared how grateful she has been to be taken seriously by the Women’s Fund and within the Girls’ Health in Girls’ Hands Collaborative. Destynee will be attending College of the Redwoods this Fall.

Destynee Gray shared, “Being a part of GHGH has really helped me, not only to see what I am capable of in, helping the community and helping other girls, but also what other girls are able to help me do.  And that is, you know, being able to combine ideas with my peers or with other adults, I think that is where real magic happens.  I know its not always easy, to look at someone as young as 16, 17, 0r 18 years old and not say, ‘you don’t really have experience,’ ‘you don’t really have knowledge.’ But we have so much to offer, and I really thank you for looking at us and accepting the fact that we have a voice.  Thank you.” 


At the Women’s Luncheon, Olivia Johnson thanked the Women’s Foundation, “Thank you so much for your support and making all of this possible and for hearing our voices.” Olivia will continue to work with Girls Inc. and she will attend Hartnell College this Fall.

Olivia Johnson shared, “This year, I was given the wonderful opportunity to be a member of the Girls Leadership Network.  In this group, I have grown and thrived and gained enough confidence in myself to stand up here today and tell you about it.  Having a group of girls that are nice, beautiful inside and out, and support me in everything that I do is such a satisfying feeling.  It’s like I was given even more sisters, that I didn’t ask for, but I am certainly glad I have. —More personally, GHGH has prepared me to get out there and be an advocate for issues in my community, specifically social and emotional health.”

Girls' Health in Girls' Hands Girls Leadership Network representatives at the Tenth Annual Women's Fund Luncheon

Girls’ Health in Girls’ Hands Girls Leadership Network representatives at the Tenth Annual Women’s Fund Luncheon

Thank you to the Women’s Fund of Monterey County! More photos at GhghMonterey. 

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