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Saturdays are for Surfing…

GHGH girls power stance pose with Surfesteam Instructors, Blair Tom and Leona Seney.


This past Saturday 4/18/2015, The Girls Leadership Network girl leaders participated in a surfing clinic with Surfesteam; a local community program that incorporates surfing, self-esteem, and teamwork.   As described by their staff, “Surfesteam empowers young women through surf and mindfulness training to equip them with important tools to transition into adulthood.  Through our training, we deliver a life changing, experimental, and curriculum based program that teaches girls essential life skills; builds present moment awareness and inner strength to become compassionate and productive citizens of society.”


Surfesteam instrctors share the surfing clinics main goals and objectives for the day.

At the end of the last GLN meeting, the girl leaders overwhelmingly voted to celebrate the year with a surfing clinic.  Saturday morning, as soon as the GLN members arrived to Carmel Beach, it was obvious that they were all eagerly anticipating their surf lesson.  Before the surf lesson, Maria Chan, a mindfulness instructor, led the GHGH girls and educators through a meditation session.  Maria encouraged the GLN to trust themselves and to live in the present moment.


Girl Leaders and PLN educators practice their Surfing Stance. (From left to right, Germaine Caldwell, Salma Martinez, Miriam Atayde, Olivia Johnson, Naudia Velarde, Sonia Esquibel, and Rachel Reyes).

Surf instructors, Leona and Tom, then led the girls through a surf lesson on the beach.  Leona shared how the ocean, has been there for her through thick and thin, and how thrilled she was to teach the GLN how to surf.  Leona then led the girls through the essentials, making sure their toes hovered over the tail of the board, how to paddle, and how to pop up in the ‘sweet spot.’  And then it was time for the girls to get in!


GLN girl leaders wade into the waves with Surfesteam instructors, Blair Tom and Leona Seney.

These girls didn’t even hesitate! They waded in the water with surfesteam instructors, Blair, Leona, and Jessie to catch their first waves alongside their fellow GLN girl leaders and PLN educators.

Group Shot

Group Photo of all Surfesteam Clinic participants. (Front row, from left to right, Leona Seney, Eva Holt Rusmore, Salma Martinez, Maria Chan, and Freida Rios. Back row, from left to right, Germaine Esquivel, Blair Tom, Sara Castro, Rachel Reyes, Miriam Atayde, Jessie Flo, Naudia Velarde, Olivia Johnson, and Sonia Esquibel.

Check out more photos on our Facebook and Instagram. Thank you to Surfesteam for making the GLN end of the year celebration one that we will never forget!




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