GLN members reflect on GHGH accomplishments

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Saturdays are for reflecting on an Amazing Year!

At our meeting this past weekend (3/21/15) the Girls’ Leadership Network(GLN) reflected on how far GHGH has come this year.   Today was an opportunity for the girls to acknowledge all of their accomplishments including the #GHGHMyHealthMatters Health Summit, the collection of 567 petition and banner signatures, and the Board of Supervisor’s approving the GHGH resolution to prioritize social and emotional health in Monterey County.  This meeting was also an opportunity for the girls to plan how best to move forward…


Eva Holt-Rusmore, GHGH Program Manager, led the GLN through a reflection exercise to demonstrate how far Girls’ Health in Girls’ Hands has come.

Part of what makes GHGH really powerful is that it brings girls from 6 different organizations across Monterey County together to work on health empowerment solutions.  With the end of the year winding down, GLN members shared what they thought had worked well including, “Working together,” “A strong resolution,” “Our courage,” “Getting the community involved,” and “Creating support and bonds with other girls.”



GLN member, Monica Casillas posts ideas of how to involve schools in GHGH advocacy work next year.

GHGH has the Board of Supervisors Support

GLN girl leaders  also shared ideas on how to convert our action work with the GHGH resolution, into advocacy work on improving social and emotional health in Monterey County next year.  Now that GHGH has the Board of Supervisors support, GLN members deliberated on how best to move forward.  Be sure to check in soon to join our advocacy campaign! We’ll need allies!


GLN  WE DID IT! #PowerStance

GLN took action and gained the support of Monterey County’s Board of Supervisors! #PowerStance #NowWe’llAskForTheWorld


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