Board of Supervisors Adopts GHGH Resolution

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GHGH resolution to prioritize Social and Emotional adopted by

Board of Supervisors for Monterey County!

GLN 400

Girl leaders proudly display one of the banners representing petition signatures from youth, educators, parents, teachers and community members. Left to right girl leaders: Evadne Arias, Monica Casillas, Stephanie Gordillo, Miriam Atayde, Frieda Rios, Naudia Velarde, Neyda Cortes, Destynee Gray.

Members of the Girls’ Leadership Network (GLN) attended the Monterey County Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting on Tuesday, March 17th, 2015. At the meeting, the BOS voted to adopt the GHGH Resolution drafted by GLN leaders which states;

“Therefore, be it resolved, that the County of Monterey Board of Supervisors, on behalf of the county and its citizens thereof, the Board of Supervisors now support the work of Girls’ Health in Girls’ Hands and recognize the importance of social and emotional health education and services for youth in Monterey County.”

Presentation 400

Girls’ Leadership Network leaders accept the signed Resolution and note the importance of this step in ensuring a healthy future for the youth of Monterey.

It is not every day that youth are invited to speak at a Board of Supervisors meeting and GLN members took advantage of every second! Members of the GLN are youth leaders who represent over 22 school and community sites, our 6 partner agencies and over 600 girls who participate in GHGH collaborative programs.

Simon presenting 400

Supervisor Simon Salinas and Supervisor Jane Parker recognize the youth’s dedication to the wellbeing of their peers while presenting the Resolution.

Both Supervisor Simon Salinas and Supervisor Jane Parker recognized the hard work and dedication of the GLN members and were impressed by the research collected and presented by the youth in the resolution.

The supervisor noted that this was just a first step and invited GHGH to speak for the health commission and stay in touch with the Supervisors office for future endeavors!

Banner Display 400

GHGH supporters rise to the occasion! Here we are proudly displaying our 21+ banners with hands stamps representing 567 youth, educators and community members who agree that social and emotional health need to be prioritized.

To finish our presentation we thanked the Supervisors and the community at large for their support.

We also asked GHGH supports to come forward with banners representing the 567 youth collected during their countywide petition to gain support for the prioritization of social and emotional health resources and educational services. The above shows the display of the 21 banners, 16 schools, 2 community sites, and 567 signatures.

…the Supervisors smiled for the picture and laughed, letting us know that you normally have to get a permit to display anything in the Supervisors Chambers! We just love spontaneous direct action, don’t you?

last photo 400

Community Foundation CEO Dan Baldwin and Vice President of Grants and Programs Laurel Lee-Alexander joined us! GHGH Program educators, staff and GLN leaders pose for the camera with our framed and signed Resolution!!

We left the Board of Supervisors Chambers in a flurry and collected outside where we were congratulated by the Community Foundation staff Dan Baldwin (CEO) and Laurel Lee-Alexander (Vice President of Grants and Programs), and the GHGH collaborative partner staff and educators.

What an amazing day!

We are so thankful to the community for supporting youth-led advocacy and to the Board of Supervisors for recognizing the importance of Social and Emotional health! Thank you to everyone who has helped out this incredible process from signing the petition to tweeting our efforts!

Stay tuned as we build off of this huge win! We know that a partnership with the County Board of Supervisors, the Board of Education and the Monterey County Health Department in considering some youth-led solutions to the issue of lack of social and emotional health services and education will be key.

GHGH Youth and educators have been brainstorming long-term solutions for this issue, see below,

  1. Training on social and emotional health with teachers
  2. Training on social and emotional health with school counselors
  3. An allocation of funds to make solutions 1 & 2 possible!

What do you think? We would love to hear your thoughts!

Stay in touch and stay tuned for future actions and continued advocacy for improvement of social and emotional health of youth in Monterey County.

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