Yes “We Can!” Stay Active and Healthy!

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We Can encourages you to get active in order to maintain a healthy weight.

 What is ‘We Can!’?

We Can! (Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity and Nutrition)  is a national health movement designed to provide parents and caregivers free resources to help children stay active and maintain a healthy weight.  According to We Can, “research shows that parents and caregivers are the primary influence on this age group.  We Can! National Education program offers organizations, community groups, and health professionals a centralized resource to promote a healthy weight in youth through community outreach.”

Which resources do we recommend?

The We Can! website is full of great resources, including PDFs on “Calories needed each day,” “Eating healthy and moving more,” “healthy habits, healthy families,” and “fun family recipes.” 

Did you find a resource that you think we should recommend??? Leave a comment and we will include it in this post!


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