Youth Media Empowerment

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Reel Youth

Real Youth, a not for profit organization dedicated to helping youth, adults, and organizations promote ideas and issues that they find important.

What does Reel Youth do?

Reel Youth, a not-for profit organization originally based out of Canada, has a media empowerment project supporting youth, adults, and organizations to create and distribute engaging films about the issues they care about.  

Reel Youth works with International Schools, NGOs, and Community Groups to:

1. Build capacity in local youth and adults to envision, create, and share their own digital media.

2. Produce and distribute films that give a voice to disadvantaged young people and celebrate the work being done to support them.

3. Deepen schools and youth serving organizations ability to use social media in a meaningful and skilled way.

Here is an example of a Reel Youth Film (for more samples click here)

 Resource Recommendations from Reel Youth

Reel Youth has a list of 13 free resources to get your films started including simple computing,, and

Check them out!






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