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Goal Setting 400

Goal Setting needs to be SMART.

 What is PMIEF?

The Project Management Institute’s Educational Foundation (PMIEF) “is a public charity founded in 1990.  The purpose of PMIEF is to promote the use of project management for economic, educational, cultural, social, and environmental advancements throughout society via grants, academic scholarships, and awards.”  PMIEF considers project management as a , “tool for citizenship building’ and consider project management a life skill.  PMIEF works with youth in high schools and elementary schools.

What is Project Management?

Management involves the organization, planning, directing, and coordinating of the work of the group or team. It revolves around the achievement of clearly defined goals.

What do PMIEF resources include?

Their online resources include this Project Management Tool-Kit, available in English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Japanese, and Arabic. With this tool-kit, “students will learn how projects are initiated from the onset and how to plan a project in detail.  Also included in the toolkit is a ‘Student Presentation Guide,’ a ‘Leadership Guide,’ and a ‘Program Development Handbook.’

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