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The process of community mapping illuminates connections between people and places; it can foster a greater sense of community pride and ownership.


Asset Mapping

Community Asset Mapping, “refers to the process of creating an inventory of skills, talents, and resources that exist within a community or neighborhood. ¬†Identification of skills and assets, possessed by residents, businesses, and organizations, and institutions, can support neighborhoods in reaching their optimum potential.”

Get to the Heart of Community Assets

Community Mapping Exercises help communities:

  • Recognize that everyone has skills and talents that are relevant to community well-being
  • Embrace the belief that each time individuals exercise their abilities, the community in which they live is strengthened.
  • Envision neighborhoods and communities as places where capacities of individuals are identified, valued, and moved into action.
  • Be respectful and mindful of cultural sensitivities in your approach.
  • Strive for inclusivity.

What should be included in a community mapping exercise?

Check out Community Legacy Program of Our United VillagesAsset Mapping Workbook! 

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