What do numbers and girls health have in common?

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Do numbers ever upset you? Percentages? Statistics? If they haven’t in the past they just might after reading this blog.

The true story about social & emotional health of girls in Monterey County reveals some startling information. In 2009 over 1,200 girls throughout Monterey County were interviewed about their health needs. This blog is about what girls said about their own Social & Emotional Health.

First, some numbers:

Girls reported that they know girls who have or have experienced the following themselves,

blog stats

Considering that so many girls reported being affected by depression, suicide and mental illness we would hope that they would at least have the access to services and information to get help with these issues…

Unfortunately, this is not the case. In the same study, girls reported that they cannot find & would like to have support or services in the following areas: 

blog percentage

Second, the breakdown on girl’s health:

You might be asking yourself, what do these numbers mean?! Well, a lot. If you are a girl in Monterey County, or if you care about girls in Monterey County, here are just three reasons why these numbers might upset you:

  1. Even though 29% of girls have been affected by suicide, 3 out 10 girls are not getting the support or services they need to cope with suicide
  2. While 70% of girls have been affected by depression, 1 in 4 girls still do not have access to the support or services they need to cope with depression
  3. And, while over 21% of girls say they have been affected by mental illness, there is still 1 in 10 who is not getting the services and support they need to cope with mental illness

Third, are you upset yet?

You are not the only one. In fact, in November, at our annual girl’s summit, a lot of girls were upset by this information and pledged to work on changing these numbers.

This Spring 2015, a GHGH advocacy effort led by the GHGH Girl’s Leadership Network, will give girls and their allies (this could be you!) on opportunity to help make real, long-lasting change for girls’ health in Monterey County. Want to get involved? Contact us and stay updated on our upcoming efforts on our Facebook Page.

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