#YesMeansYes…wait, what?

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Ya…it’s the law.  #YesMeansYes is trying to put a stop to rape culture.

Here is what you need to know:

  1. ‘Yes means Yes = became law in California Sunday 9/28/14
  2. Will require Colleges in California to follow a set procedure when investigating reports of sexual assault.
  3. This is the first law in the nation where the definition of consent requires: An affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity.
  4. The law says silence or lack of resistance does not constitute consent. Under the bill, someone who is drunk, drugged, or asleep cannot grant consent.
  5. The bill also requires training for faculty reviewing complaints so that victims are not asked inappropriate questions when filing complaints.

Why is this important? 

  • One in 5 women is raped in her lifetime
  • In one year, 300,000 college women, over 5% enrolled in colleges and universities experience rape. This does not include other forms of sexual assault
  • Colleges and universities have a legacy of mishandling sexual assault cases
  • Sexual assault happens at an alarming rate on college and university campuses

The key part of this legislation is consent. Both individuals need to establish consent. If consent isn’t given, then it’s rape.  You can’t assume consent, both parties have a responsibility to communicate about it.  This bill has created a lot of dialogue about the issue of rape on college campuses.  As demonstrated above, rape on college campuses is all too common and Colleges and Universities are allegedly mishandling case after case, for example Emma Sulkowicz at Columbia University.  Proponents of the Yes means Yes trust that this law will serve as a paradigm shift that will prevent rape.  Many believe this legislation, is a step in the right direction.  Several hope that California will not be the only state to adopt sexual assault legislation aimed at prevention and affirmative consent.

Helpful image provided by Ultra Violet:

Rape 101


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