Girl’s Leadership Network 2014-2015. First meeting, big plans!

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On September 27th, a group of amazing young women representing the GHGH partner agencies (B&GC, Girls Inc, Planned Parenthood, MC Rape Crisis Center, MC Health Department-Postpone, YWCA) came together to start planning for the year and be a part of the GHGH Girls’ Leadership Network.

Below is a summary of the day,

We started out the day by re-writing the GLN purpose statement by asking,  “What is the Girls’ Leadership Network (GLN) purpose?” GLN members stated their that their purpose as representatives of the agencies in the GHGH movement is to:

“Take action to represent who we are as a GHGH program, to make our voices heard, and make an impact in our Community.”

To be representing a program takes leadership! So, GLN members then each defined what leadership means for them. There were a lot of amazing definitions, (below are just a few great examples)!

Quotes Collage

It was wonderful to see all the thoughtful and powerful ways in which girls defined leadership for themselves and those around them! We know it is going to be an inspiring year with these leaders ( :

But, before get started with all the leadership activities, planning and coordinating for this coming year…we have to know where we came from! Knowing our GHGH Movement history helps us better think about our future.

So, we took some time to look back and reflect on a little GHGH history. We looked at how research has impacted the GHGH movement and found out that in 2009 a group of 57 girls researched and collected information from other girls throughout the County to find out what health issues were most important to girls.

We learned the research finding’s most important (priority) health issues for the 1,200 girls surveyed throughout Monterey County where the following;


After these priority health issues were identified, we learned that girls recommended the following to community leaders:

2014-10-08 15.06.21-3

And…surprise, surprise, community leaders listened.

These recommendations were heard and community members took action. 6 programs now work together to provide health services, information and include girls in decision making…. And that is why we now have Girls’ Health in Girls’ Hands, a girl-led health empowerment movement in Monterey County!

After learning how much impact girls have had in the community, we knew we had to think about how to get this information out to more girls to see what they think about the research and what we need to be recommending to community leaders TODAY!

Luckily, we have a perfect opportunity coming up…our Annual GHGH Health Summit! GLN members are currently brainstorming amazing ideas for engaging other girls with the research at the Summit. Check-back in soon to find out what these amazing young women are planning to help their community…

Community, watch out-GHGH is just getting started!

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