Girl’s Leadership Network 2014-2015. Second meeting, Summit plans!

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On October 25th, our GHGH leaders representing the GHGH partner agencies (B&GC, Girls Inc, Planned Parenthood, MC Rape Crisis Center, MC Health Department-Postpone, YWCA) came together to start planning for our Annual GHGH Health Summit on November 22nd.

Below is a summary of the day

GLN Meeting Research Activity

Last meeting, we took some time to look back and reflect on a little GHGH history. We looked at how research has impacted the GHGH movement and found out that in 2009 a group of 57 girls researched and collected information from other girls throughout the County to find out what health issues were most important to girls.

So….during this meeting, one of our main goals was to organize how we will be presenting the research at the Summit.  We want to present the research in an interactive way so that girls will be riled up and be engaged participants in creating change in our communities. We want the girls to see the research and think to themselves, “I don’t like the way girls are being treated in Monterey County and I want to see things change for them!”  The GLN leaders went through the research today and chose the statistics that stood out the most to them and will be presenting these statistics at the Summit for all the girls. The GLN also plans on incorporating a tabling event to incorporate the research.

GLN Second Meeting

Today we asked ourselves: if you were a girl in Monterey County why would you come to the GHGH Summit? As described by the GLN leaders the Summit, “is an amazing day full of making new friends, connecting with other girls, creating a community of girls, self-esteeming building, interacting with others, having fun and learning a ton of new information!”

This years theme is #GHGHMyHealthMatters

GLN Hashtag

Today the GLN girl leaders had a discussion about summit workshops and priorities based on feedback from last years participants.   At the summit, the GLN has decided the workshops will include (1)body image, self-esteem, and self respect, (2) sexual health both emotional and physical, (3)stress and depression, and (4)dating and healthy relationships.  Physical activity workshops will involve zumba, yoga, U-jam, and a self-defense work shop entitled, “Finding your inner warrior.”

Our amazing GHGH ladies have planned a summit that will help girls learn new things, connect with other amazing young women, and ultimately create change in our community.  We have our next meeting on November 15th, check back in soon for those meeting notes!


GHGH Fall Summit Coming Soon!

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