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Energy boost? Pick-me up? Morning wake-up? Snack? Are you eating sugar all the time? Sugar binging? It may be a habit you’ve had for a long time but I am sure have noticed that it does not always make you feel that great to have sugar on your mind and in your foods.


And…not all sugar is created equal. So, if you are trying to curb your sugar habit there is hope!

Processed and sugar-added foods are ones that are not naturally sweet but which companies add extra sugar or corn syrup to sweeten. Non-sugar added foods are usually non-packaged foods which have no added processed sugars (these are the ones that are better for you)!

Here is an easy chart that shows how much sugar is in our everyday foods. Check it out.

Just as a reminder, our daily intake of sugar should be less than 6 teaspoons (or less than 6 sugar cubes in this example) a day!

Want more information about sugar, your body and how to avoid it and its negative side-effects? Check out this informative and clear blog on sugar.

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