Run ‘like a girl,’ what does that even mean?

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“Like a Girl” has half a million hits on YouTube. It made me and my friend tear up when we saw it… and then, I saw the comments posted below the video.While many of the comments were supportive, many were ignorant and misogynistic. I felt deeply saddened, not only for myself and all females, but for the many men and boys out there who are also hurt by messages and stereotypes of who they should and shouldn’t be and how these messages have shaped their hate toward women and girls. Many of these comments denied the oppression women face in society that makes them feel like they are ‘less than’ …Women and girls are constantly told that they are not good enough, not strong enough,  not smart enough and this video aims to educate society so that we can start sending positive messages about being a female. So, next time someone tells you that men and women have equal rights….have them watch this video and tell you what is just about a society that puts women down.Keep us posted on what they say, the conversation must be continued if it is going to be changed!

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