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Want to skate but are over the cat calls and not having other girls to skate with?

Sometimes it’s hard to find other girls who like to do what you do, especially when it comes to activities that are male dominated, like skateboarding. Skateboarding is an alternative sport but it’s not seen as a girl alternative. Maybe it’s because we assume that the danger risk is too high and that girls can’t take those risks generally (even though study after study has shown that women’s pain tolerance is higher than men’s pain tolerance).

So, if it’s not the pain factor what stops girls from going out there and shredding at skate parks and on the streets?

Well, lots of things. A big one is a supportive community of other girls where individuals can feel safe and accepted. Luckily, some girl skaters are fed up and decided to start “Skate Like a Girl” to create what they were missing!

Skate Like a Girl is a “grassroots organization empowering girls and women through the vehicle of skateboard-related programs”… pretty cool, huh? They have camps, lessons and mentoring for youth.

I was inspired, hope you are too!


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