17 sex lies that must stop

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Knowledge is power, even with taboo topics like sex — especially with taboo topics like sex. Many of us cringe at the thought of our own sexuality or having to talk about it. But talking about sex and our bodies can debunk myths and bring about the confidence every girl should have in having control over their own body and their own sexuality.

A new blog post by PolicyMic talks about 17 lies we need to stop teaching girls about sex. It’s crazy to think these lies are still very mainstream, but they have been passed down from generations of movies, ads, and perceptions that are sill very real today.

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One lie that shocks me is the idea that if someone buys you something, you owe them sex. We’ve all been shown kindness from someone and wanted to somehow repay them. We might have even had the sense that a guy or girl did something nice for us because they expected something in return. But NO nice gesture, no matter how thoughtful or expensive, means we owe someone anything, especially sex. Period.


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