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Mia promised she’d drive her friends tonight, but someone just offered to buy her a free drink.

What now?

I read this on a poster in a bathroom in Ventura, California last week. It got me thinking about what I would honestly do in this situation. We’ve all been there when something doesn’t go as planned, and suddenly your friends or strangers are counting on you. Maybe your friends are counting on you to do the right thing, like be their DD. Maybe you don’t want to let down the guy you’ve just met and are kinda into.

Turns out, this ad is part of a bigger movement in Ventura, Thousand Oaks, and Camarillo, CA. Their website PlanUrNite has great tips for enjoying being the DD. You can win prizes for being a DD and making the streets safer for everybody.

Having a DD should be an obvious thing, but sometimes situations get hairy. Check out PlanUrNite on Facebook to get more ideas on how to make sure your group of friends always plans out the night!


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