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MoCo Youth Employment Program

Have you heard about the Monterey County Youth Employment Program? If you are 16-21 years old and fall within one of the following categories below, you should apply!

a) high school Senior on track to graduate this school year
b) high school Junior on track to graduate by no later than June 2015
c) high school/GED graduates (NOT enrolled in school and unemployed at enrollment)
d) 18-21 year old high school dropouts serious about and dedicated to finding and obtaining employment

The program involves an ongoing, year-round activity/service model. You would communicate with the YEP staff by returning calls and attending appointments occasionally.

If you are interested in participating, submit an application as soon as possible. Although the official deadline is May 16th, applicants will be chosen on a on a “first come” basis. This year’s program is limited to just 120 spots and in the past, they have filled up quickly.  The application process can sometimes be complicated, but the YEP staff is always willing to help you enroll!

Check out the YEP’s Facebook page for more updates.


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