Learning to love yourself – regardless of size

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I just came across a must-read blog post from Mara, a contributor on Operation Beautiful. She has great things to say about the power of loving our true selves:

“Learning to love yourself regardless of your size is one of the most crucial and beneficial gifts that a person can give themselves. The ripple effects of learning to experience self love will touch every part of your life, improving and lightening the load of your heart with every step.”

Oprah has been a longtime supporter of self love and putting out good energy (Happy 60th Birthday Oprah!). Sometimes, an attitude adjustment goes a long way. If you are a believer in karma, you might agree with the idea that it’s not up to us to judge the karma of anyone else – but it’s up to us to focus on our own positive attitude. From there, it’s amazing how much will fall into place!

Here are some pointers from Mara’s post for learning to love your body no matter what your size:

  • Buy clothing (and, perhaps more importantly, underwear) that fits you and allows you to feel your best. STOP WORRYING ABOUT THE SIZE ON THE LABEL.
  • Talk sweetly to yourself. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you look. Bonus points if you can do this naked. Because, remember, you are beautiful, many people probably think so, and a little reminder to your heart here and there will go a long, long way.
  • Do not give people who delight in making you feel fat/ugly/unlovable/unworthy a SINGLE SECOND more of your time.
  • Move your body! You will feel better with every step you take.

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