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Last week, our GHGH Intern Maria had the opportunity to meet Kate Wedgwood, Country Director for Girl Hub in Rwanda. Kate talked about Girl Hub’s 2013 Summit, which had some things in common with our very own GHGH Summit!

The Girl Learning Summit focused on empowering teen girls ages 10-19 to fulfill their potential and become agents of change in Rwanda. Girl Learning is all about the idea that for change to happen, girls and policy makers need to talk to each other, face to face. That is exactly what these blooming leaders did during the summit! They gave recommendations on what else needs to be done to make girls successful throughout their country. Government officials and organization leaders worked together with the girls to talk about girls’ hopes for the future.

So what do Rwandan girls hope for their future?

In one girl’s words:  “They hope to have a voice in their community. They hope society can support them to realize their dreams. And most importantly, they hope to build and lead Rwanda alongside women, men and boys.”

What do you hope for your future?

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