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With millions of women and girls taking their pictures and ‘crafting their image’ one click at time, the pressure is on to look cute, seamless, perfect.

At a GHGH Girl’s Leadership Network meeting, one of our girl leaders cried out against the unjust way in which the media portrays women and makes them feel so insecure that we just have to go out and buy whatever beauty product, clothing, accessory, etc needed to fix our ‘imperfections.’

And, of course, now we can wear whatever we bought, add a filter and say ‘cheese!’ Unfortunately, the selfie image is not making us feel any better, either…tomorrow we will have to be even cuter, sexier, sassier for our next selfie. Keeping up with that image of ourselves is exhausting and degrading to our awesome, beautiful and authentic selves.

What are we doing?!!!

It’s no wonder that studies have shown people’s self-esteem goes down after browsing social media sites. All the comparing and self-fabrication is bound to make even the happiest, most self-assured ladies out there a little down.

Luckily, we are not the only ones who have had enough.

At the Dove ‘Real Beauty’ campaign they are trying something new in “Selfie”, a short video clip which shows a photography project that challenges girls and their mothers to take selfies without filters or makeup to show at a public photography show.  Through this experience the women and girls involved learn to take a real stand against unrealistic images in the media and show their value is not just defined by their looks. It’s pretty awesome.

Do you think you could take selfies with no filter, no makeup? Post them and see what happens to you and those around you throughout the process?

If you do, we want to hear all about it.  We want to know what was good and what was hard.

‘Cause it’s not always easy standing up to the mainstream media, but saying ‘cheese’ can be.

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